Infants & Toddlers

At Purpose Kids, the primary focus of our Infant Program, for children ages 6 weeks - 18 months old, is to promote feelings of belonging and security, helping infants to grow and develop to their full potential.  The emphasis of our Toddler Program, for children from 13 - 42 months, is on building self-confidence and fostering the natural curiosity that toddlers possess.  

At Purpose Kids, we know that relationships are key.  When young children feel safe and loved, they have the freedom to learn and explore.

"My daughter has been here since she was a little baby. She has learned so much here and loves her teachers and friends. When I drop her off in the morning, she points at the place and smiles ♥️  And that is all that matters to me." - Vilmarie Rivera 

Our infants and toddlers participate in teacher led activities such as...

Music & Movement

Language & Literacy

Arts & Crafts

...and have time to explore and discover through open play

"I wouldn't place my child any where else! This Learning Center deserves 10 Stars! My baby loves everyone of the staff members here, they treat her as their own. They care for all the children so well and are so Professional.  Let's not forget about the food they serve for the kiddos, They don't just give them a graham cracker and some water like other facilities do. They make sure to serve our kids fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily. Every time I walk in in the morning it smells amazing, like can I get a plate to go🤣 hands down best place to have your child or children.  Also they have Cameras!  So if you are overprotective paranoid parent like myself this helps to ease any Anxiety." - Tiffany Charles 

Healthy Meals are our Priority!

Each infant eats according to his or her own schedule, while our toddlers learn to eat as a community.

Children need the necessary nutrition to maintain a high level of interest, motivation and energy throughout the day.  Purpose Kids proudly participates in the USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program, serving healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks each day.

Our youngest children grow so quickly, and we provide ample time for motor activities to support their physical development throughout the day.

Tummy Time

Daily Outdoor Play

Time to Crawl

Sensory Play

Rest is essential for healthy development.  Infants sleep according to their own schedules, while toddlers have scheduled nap time.

After a full day of play and learning, it is time to say hello to our families and good bye to our teachers and friends - until our next day together at Purpose Kids.

"My family loves this daycare. They really are the most loving and caring childcare employees I've encountered. I love how they log EVERYTHING so I can have a better understanding of my babies day. I also like the cameras. I can log in at anytime to see what she is doing. My daughter loves going to the facility and she loves her teachers. I would recommend them over and over again." - Sherrell Simmons