Our ultimate goal in our Pre-K Program is to prepare children socially, emotionally and academically for kindergarten.  We encourage the development of independence, responsibility and confidence, all of which are essential for the child’s ongoing success in kindergarten, and in life.  

Our Pre-K classrooms are set up to facilitate this growth and learning, with designated Learning Centers as well as areas for block play, art, manipulatives and exploration of books...

Our skilled teachers prepare curriculum that is exciting and challenging, exploring the content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts and technology.

We also provide Christian programming that teaches age-appropriate moral values, good citizenship, self-help skills and peer social development.

"PK is awesome! The staff is very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable!" - LaKeshia B. 

Children and teachers form strong bonds as they learn and play together at Purpose Kids.

Healthy Meals are our Priority!

We serve a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks every day through our participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.  Meal time is not only an opportunity to nourish our bodies, but it is also a time for children and teachers to socialize and enjoy each other's company.  Teachers facilitate conversations and model interactions. 

Meal time also provides opportunities for children to learn independence by helping to set and clean up the table, serve their own food and pour their own drinks.  Setting the table and serving food also facilitate the development of basic math skills as children put out one napkin per child or count one scoop full of food.

Whether they sleep or just rest, all of our Pre-K students are given Quiet Time each day to relax and prepare for an afternoon of more fun and learning!

"My kids have attended this daycare for years now my son was 8 months and my daughter 2 and now he is 4 going on 5 years and my daughter is 6.  They have taught my kids to walk, speak, sing and always have a good time. My daughter was so advanced when she started her actual school year. They have amazing lesson plans and I love how we can watch them throughout the day. They keep the kids learning and active!" - Selena Zalazar 

Children have daily opportunities to engage in Music & Movement, outdoor play, and both individual and large group activities.

Our days end as they began, with a hug and a smile as children are reunited with their families.  We say good bye, and look forward to another wonderful day together tomorrow at Purpose Kids.